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Hailing from Panama, Mosca Flux was born in the tough city of Colon. To better their future Mosca’s mother moved the family to America to live in the state of North Carolina. The U.S. was no easy task. Mosca Flux had to quickly learn the English language as well as teach the rest of her family how to speak it properly. Her family was struggling to adjust to all of the U.S. tax laws and other employment issues different from her home country of Panama. Mosca then began to learn to take care of herself. She found many monetary mediums and invented a few survival tactics just to eat every night. By creating and maintaining a respectable reputation amongst her peers, she then became an admirable and popular person. One of her hidden talents was poetry. By expressing a few of her innermost thoughts through this art form, she noticed how people began to relate to her on a larger level. Being that Mosca grew up in the 90’s she was highly influenced by the hip hop culture. Shortly after conquering poetry Mosca decided to place her poetry over music; being that music was her greater love this came very easy for her. Mosca then found herself at the age of twelve spitting in ciphers to beat bop music on an electric green box in her neighborhood on many occasions. For Mosca rapping became another way of expressing her many emotions and a form of release from her troubled life and struggles. Lyrical poetry had now become her love, her drive, and her motivation. At the tender age of fifthteen Mosca performed for a live audience for the first time at a club in North Carolina. At this very moment she realized how much she loved the stage and how much she really belonged there. Time passed Mosca grew up and had a family but continued to make music right out of her house for many years. The world welcomed her back to the stage in 2013 and she has been making waves ever since!  Mosca is not only a known rapper in the Carolina’s she is also known for her excellent hosting skills. Having hosted many events over the past few years Mosca was asked to become the co-host of a live talk show! The "Say Something" talk show has become a rapid sensation! Mosca's latest career interest is modeling she has already worked with some recognizable photographers in the area like Rick Crank, Denisse Alejandra and Shelly Booker just to name a few. Mosca currently owns her own clothing line called “Nosotros” in which she has created a very popular t-shirt line derived from her own name called “Flux Wit it”. As Mosca continues her many different careers, she continues to drop popular singles like “Dame Espasio” and “Hip Hop”. Mosca’s journey has only begun and she is definitely full of surprises, so who knows where it will lead her next!  
















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